Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Cloth Diaper Adventure

When I first got pregnant, D had suggested maybe we should use cloth I head about cloth diapers.. my mom used them...but of course the first thing that came to my mind was messy and too much of a pain in the butt! But after one of my good friends told me about her G Diapers and I looked them up.. i fell in love with the look of them and the colors. It looked so easy to change and switch out. Plus the washing and drying were not difficult. So for months i used the diapers in every color they had for boys and they have this about flush able liner then you use instead of the cloth liner. It was great for when we would go out. You can throw it away in the trash can because it is you can flush it down the toilet... how cool and " green" is that!! We started with the medium size but he grew out of it even though he wasn't at the max weight. So we moved to larger one, he was in them for awhile until it just seemed like it was getting too tight on him tummy. Plus the Velcro of the diapers after washing so many times were getting gross and not sticking anymore. So, I decided to go no the hunt for another cover that I could still use the flush able liners and the cloth ones....

I decided the flip diaper system! Super cute cutes and SNAPS!! love the snaps!! the liners I have already fit in there so I only had to buy the my problems with these are that my little guy moves around o much on the changing table these days.. he thinks he such a big boy that he doesn't need to lay down to get changed.. so the time it takes to snap them, is too long and is frustrating for him and me to get the diaper on. Now the size of these are changeable as you can see and I think that's great, he still has room and more snaps to go until hes maxed them out. Now these and my cloth liners aren't that best together because the liners are a little smaller and doesn't seem to hold as much. for example last night before dinner i put him in a cloth liner and the dark blue cover an hour into dinner he was soaking wet..he was so uncomfortable and I don't like have to change his clothes and the diaper all the time while I am out. These work great with the flush able liners for GDaiper and I ill continue to you these while out but I wanted something more for at home and if need going out so....
So Last night on my one of the favorite mommy buying websites...I found these! They are an all in one ( AIO) now I have been turned off to AIO ones becauese of the washing and drying instructions that seem to want you wash in hot and cold and I just don't have the time for that, but these are so awesome because you just need to wash and dry a few times before use and then guess what!!!! the liner SNAPS in!! so it doesn't move...that's to me is worth it. It also comes with an extra liner for more absorbency. Also, you can size these to fit your baby and they have a velcroish fastener too, which i think its better then Velcro and close to what you would find with huggies disposables. You can also get these with all snaps as well...I can't wait to try these and see how they work. The liner inside is cotton/hemp.. also I enjoy that they in cute colors and patterns! I will let you know how this adventure plays out!!

I hope this review of cloth diapers helps you a little bit.
I am hoping to convert others to use cloth diapers...

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