Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to School at 26

I know its crazy 26 I am going back to school. Seeing that most people my age have been out of school for awhile or have their masters..i feel behind the times. I am one of those people that took the long route and I never do anything in "order." I have gone to school for many things but none of them felt like it fit me just right. I didn't want to spend years in school and all that money to do end up not using my degree or not like what I would end up doing. Of course, I have always taken classes while, always worked for me. My last job paid for me to get my CDA, which I got with flying colors, so that helps when it comes to my babysitting gigs and other child development related things. I have worked with kids of all different ages and needs for so long that I haven't pictured myself doing anything else. I guess you would say..I know my stuff!

During the huge blizzard that we had, being stuck inside for so long, I has so much time to think and while watching the discovery health channel, which i love! It came to me, and hit me like a bag of bricks...the right thing to do is to become a nurse!! I looked into it, and it just felt like the right choice.. so here I go on the journey of going to back to become a nurse...not just an nurse a Neonatal RN. I am so excited and nervous that the same time. Now of course you can juts get into nursing school...I have to take a few classes that are required for admissions into the program.

Today starts my 3 required classes , one computer test and then 3 years of nursing school and I will be a Mason graduate with a Bachelors in 2 different areas!! I can not wait.

***I do enjoy that the blackboard for my online class is already this a bad sign??

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