Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I know I have not posted in forever...

I know you are wondering " what has she been doing??" well I will tell you.. First off, i have been doing my online class that has just mentally shut me down by the time I put LJ down.

Speaking of LJ...he is great and has cute as ever. He now has hit that fun toddler age of 16 months and is into everything and anything that at eye level or close to it. He decided to get his last 4 teeth at the same time is week..so he is not exactly himself these past few days. He also has entered the phase of testing boundaries and not liking the word "no"..he is into throwing himself on the floor or so gracefully. Actually, tonight was the first time ever that I had to put him in time out... well really he needed time out twice...my little guy is growing up :( It made me sad to see him crying like that and the throwing his head back on the step above him when he was in time out but I got through it and he did too...so we will see what else he has up his sleeve...can't wait! ( sense the sarcasm). I don't know if this TMI but he has started to set on the big boy potty instead of the baby one..so I'm starting that process slowly...pray for me! Okay...enough about that, you want to know the fun stuff he has been up too.. well he got this awesome pirate water table that he absolutely loves!! He loves to get completely soaked and wants you to spray him with the hose and put water on his head...can you say..water.baby. Take a look at him in action.

( yes.. that is a baby wife beater)

He's a toddler now..no longing my baby baby....sigh...

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