Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Bucket List: Reston Petting Zoo

Well, we couldn't pass up the awesome weather on Friday, I know it was 95 degrees but I just wanted to get little man out and about. He as become more and more curious and adventurous these days so I thought why not see how it he does with animals, especially ones that we can feed!

I haven't been to the Reston Zoo in so many years, it really hasn't changed but I have gotten taller since then. It is so cute and I forgot how much fun it is. We walked around to see the chickens, moneys, birds and turtles! We all pet a kangaroo, I have never been that close to one so that was very cool and LJ did so great with it, he was gentle...very impressed. Then we went to the petting barn and it was on. First off he was nervous because how loud the goats were then it was on after he figured out that he could walk around and feed them...he was all about sticking his hands in the pins to get them. He thought it was so funny then they would get the food from his hands.

I would totally tell anyone that hasn't been that has kids of all ages to go, I liked going during the week, it wasn't super crowded and you could take your time to walk around. I also really liked that they had a lake there, it make the background so pretty.

another great family fun day!

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