Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bucket LIst: Leesburg Animal Park

Summer Bucket List:

Leesburg Animal Park


no fear...

He totally wanted to sit with me...riiiight

One Sunday afternoon my parents, Liam and I went on a trip to the animal was hot but was definitely a lot of fun. LJ loves animals and couldn't wait to pet them!

His favorite part was when we got to going to the free roaming area...he had absolutely no fear of the animals.. he got in their faces and just chased them. The sheep was his favorite but they had no interested in them.. they only like Gammy because she had that cup of food...let me tell you, you want to get rid of that food right away.. those animals will not leave you alone until you give them everything.. even the cup! Some even jump up on you to get it.. i am not a fan of that.. but what can you do. One sheep in particular was so greedy.. we refused to give him even more than he had! HA!

We took a wagon ride down to the big pond, that was fun. You can fish out there...they were even having a competition at weekend..I am sure GPop was dying to fish but he controlled himself. On, the way back to the we got to see the Zebras :) When we got back, we left LJ play on the playground, he loved it.. it was very hard to get him to leave but he did a great job!

I would definitely bring him back there...when it is not so was great for all ages... all you moms out there...go check it out! It would be a great half day trip! ( they even having a changing table there outside..nice :) )

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Deals Everyday..

What do I normally do when LJ is sleeping...well, I could be invent none of those things...I look and find new blogs and deals and giveaways...yup.. it has become something I really enjoy...

One day I was googled and came across this website: Home

Now me being me.. I got quite excited by just the name...but as I looked more into this site.. i feel in has everything..for has become one of my favorite sites to visit. Not only is there a blog that you can read and join. They have a store you can buy some of the coolest and cutest things I have sen and its all good for the environment :)

One of the best things they have though, that I can't wait to get in my email is their Daily Deals...They put together really awesome bundles that you can buy at a discount or other products...the prices are amazing!

I bought the "preschool bundle" it came with banana snacks ( LJ loves himself some banana) a set of eco friendly spoons ( pack of 6) and a book! Cutest.thing.ever! oh yeah and a little thing of hand sanitizer ( which if you know me.. I love). I got all that for $15!! They also shipped it so fast!

Since, I love them so much.. I needed to share this site with you. They are so awesome that I have a code you can use because I referred you you can get !5% off your first order!!

use this code: SB004992

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