Friday, January 21, 2011

Mini break

Hey everyone,

Sorry it has been a week or two...I have been going through some really tough personal things and haven't had my mind on blogging...but I figure maybe this the best way to keep me busy.

So I'm getting my ideas and everything and should be back in business soon.

I have missed you all.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trading up sippy cups...

As you moms know going from the zippy cup ( even those with the pop straw) doesn't seem like s big deal to non parents but to us it means someting greater... It me and they are growing up. :(

Today while I was at Target picking up s few things, I walked down the sippy cup wall in baby/ kids section and realized few things:

one, I like seeing the design they have on the cups and if there's any we don't have.

Two, it wasvtime to get "big boy" cup with out straws and lids ( I can see the carpet now...) because for the past few days everyone I pour myself a glass of water or my diet iced tea LJ is right there wanting a sip. Of course you know that he has to do it all by himself, but he will share with mommy, if I don't take too long to drink it. He has great gross motor skills for this so that is exciting to see. He has been doing a great job not spilling and staying in the same spot to drink. So I thought it was about time to start giving him his only " big boy" cup.

The third and final thing I realized is that as I am trading up to big boy cups, many of my friend including my best friend are trading in their wine glasses for baby bottles...yes, it is pregnancy fever around me. I have so many friends that are pregnant or TTC I need both hands to count. I am sooo excited for them, most being first time mommies, and I love to hear about everything, it makes me realize how 2 years has flown by...thats right my little guy will be 2 in February. it also made me realize how great those moments of picking out all the new baby stuff was, and how every week your baby is growing and doing something different, the sonograms and seeing your baby on the screen is so exciting...I'm sure I could go on but I think you exactly what I mean.

I just feel so lucky to have my little man and learn what I have but always how blessed I am to bebable to go through the journey again with my friends and be their to support them, answer questions, and be partvof those joyous moments even in a small way. I know everyone will be amazing moms and dads!

So I wanted to say wheather you are trading up or trading in... It's all amazing. Can't wait to meet you babies of 2011!!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Motorcycle boots

As the winter season is in full swing so is the boots. First it started with the over knee boots but now it's on to a short look. The motorcycle boot has made an impression.

Try these styles with jennings, leggings of skinny jeans to show them off

Try on these from J.Crew ( $250) I like the brown because it's a good with anything color and the straps for a rustic look.

Another with a smaller price tag try these on from Dirty Laundry at Zappos or DSW ( $69.95). These are a nice deep red color that will give your outfit a pop.

The last ones you should try on are from ($99.95) right in the middle of the price range. These will give you a simple, classic look.

You wonder what you can wear with these besides jeans, leggings ( of any kind). Pair them with a dress with some bracelets or a scarf and go out and look fabulous

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Tone it up

Starting this year one of my resolutions is to bebsnd stay in shape. Now I know I could say I'll work out everyday but with caring care of LJ that just isn't going to happen. If it does some weeks great but if not oh well but my resolution is that it has to be at least 3 times a week.

So i was looking at different ways to get my exercise in either in the morning, nap time or after little msn is in bed. So my friend told me about tone it up. One of course the girls on the page or cover are perfect band what wish you could always look like. They know their stuff though. It's not something crazy intense it's justbsbout making better choices and being smart about food.

They have a ton of videos on you tube and they website. They finally came out with a DVd that you can buy for $19.99 on their site. Also, I went to target because. My friend told me that they teamed up with Jane Fonda to make a video and equipment. I picked up the DVD and cant wait to try it tonight. I also got the foam roller and mini bands to try. So I'll give you an update on how they all go. I'll be watching the videos on my iPad to follow them.

They also have a diet plan and measurement guide, and meal samples and more. It is $150.00. Youbcan pick between a regular,vegetarian, vegan diet plans. They have a lifestyle chart too.

Here is their website: tone it up and their blog here

Keep healthy!

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