Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Bucket List: MeadowLoark Park

Today we decided instead of going to the Reston Zoo we would take little man to a park. He needed a nap real bad today after his play date and lunch with daddy. We went to MeadowLoark Park in Vienna. It was sooo cute. Not only did it have a ton of public toys like bikes, cars, and kitchen sets all around of the kids of all ages to play with. The park also had many sandboxes, dirt to play with, 3 wing sets and two playgrounds. He absolutely loved playing with the dirt and putting in the car and then pushing it around along with swinging..he finds it soo funny. Daddy had to help him go down the side, but once he went once, he couldn't get enough. I am glad we brought him today even though it was for about 30 minutes. It was great to go on a weekday because it wasn't too crowded and there were a lot of kids his age. I love seeing him laugh and smile. I always hate taking him away from something that makes him happy, but I have to be the parent.

It was a great day Wednesday and I hope everyone else has a great one too, along with the rest of the week!

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