Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old MacDonald had a farm...and a glass of wine

Bucket List: Random Trip out to VA

This wasn't one of the place that I had wrote on down LJ's bucket list but one weekend, my parents and I decided that we wanted to go to a winery or two. I had from this farm that was having a Strawberry Jumbree and also was a about killing two birds with one stone! It had a ton of areas for kids of all ages to play and run around, a petting zoo, tractors to climb on and cow train that you and your kid can sit in and ride around the farm. Each little cow has a name cute! Also they had a rope swing and the biggest moon bounce I have ever seen!!

One of the things i loved about it was that you could go strawberry picking..even though we didnt get a chance to, i would go back and do it with some friends or even when LJ is a little older

I would say though after going through the whole thing, this is more of a place for kids a little older probabaly starting at 4 or 5. They seem to get more out of it.

Liam loved going to the petting zoo.. here are a few pictures of him and parents interacting with the animals.

We had so much fun, minus the fact it was sooo hot that day.

"She thinks my tractor is sexy..."

"on his farm he had some cows...."

min. cute..

he loves sheep!

This is the view from the ever! I fell in love with this place!

I could have stayed at this place forever. It is across road from the farm. You drive up this steep hell to a stone like building.. it is absolutely beautiful. Then you go to the top, some wine tasting, buy some cheese and go out on the top balcony and look out over the whole middle of VA area!! Not only is the building and views are amazing but the wine is great! I can.not.wait to go back.

if you are looking for a wedding venue..please please check this out!! or a good glass of wine.

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