Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I survived the Bermuda Triangle...

Bermuda Cruise 2010

well the family took a cruise to Bermuda to celebrate my parents 60th birthday and my sisters 30th. My parents were brave enough to have both sets of parents and 2 grand kids with them. The kids did great and had a blast!! I got to hang out with my sister and spend time with everyone.. One of the things I absolutely love about cruises is the all the thing they have for you to do while you are on board. It took us 3 days to sell to Bermuda, so we have some time to enjoy the pool and playing bingo ( which Heather win at) see shows at night...Skylar was in love with them, she did awesome and would talk through the whole thing...thank god she didn't set with me! JK. We had two formal nights.. those are fun because besides going to prom or a being in a wedding: when do you get to wear gowns and get professional pictures taken?? Thank you to my BFF for loaning me dresses and a thing that made me super skinny! I have uploaded own a few pictures to give you an idea of the things we did. Take a look!

yes, that is part of a ship sticking out of the water. We went on a glass bottom boat at night time to the Bermuda Triangle. Even the captain asked if we were crazy. It was awesome! It was once and life time experience and to see all the coral, it was beautiful.

a good picture of my mom and me as we sail to the bermuda triangle..

one of my favorites!

my sister and me at the beach...she takes great self pictures!! love her!

my little sand monster. Too bad I didn't get a picture of them when he was trying to swim in the sand. Yes, he is only wearing a swim diaper.. he barely let us put that on him, he wanted to play so badly!


LJ at the aquarium and zoo..smallest zoo ever but he loved the hand on part.. he felt a sea cucumber!!

I love this picture.. i think hr wanted to get in the tank or he was looking for nemo!

cutest family!!!

hello,, I would love to live here. First off Oprah could be my neighbor. Second, the have free water.. sounds normal right.. well they collect rainwater throughout the year! Every building in bermuda has to have white roof shaped like that one so it collects it. Don't ask me how it does it because i am still trying to figure that out. It then goes into a hole they dig before building the house. Im sure thee is more to it but thats all I got. Also, bermuda just got their first and only recycling center, that just makes my heart happy. The people on bermuda have to be the nicest people I have ever met! and the cutest cars! Each house is only allow one car. But the down side is that it soo expensive to live there because EVERYTHING ( besides rum) is imported. Their " low income" housing STARTS at $300,000. crazy. Okay, take breath before you read this next part...to buy a Kia ( the car) here is what $15,000.. there it would cost you at least $40,000.. for a Kia.. I know I know...pick up your chin off the ground.

I have the best time, met so super nice people, and just really enjoyed spending time with my family. Getting a good tan, didn't hurt either.. the sunburn did a little but I would do it all over again!!

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