Sunday, August 1, 2010


These are some of my favorite products...ever!

My Favorite things: 100% Pure

I have always been into recycling and trying t be as green as possible. When I got pregnant with Liam, I decided that I wanted to give him the safest and cleanest and natural start in this world. I started researching diapers, lotions, bath things, clothes, food..etc.

Recently, I started to try to do whats best for my mind and body. I have had problems for years with my skin and I have tried many different things and they have worked for awhile then my skin got used to them. I decided to go 100 percent natural with nothing much things you can basically eat to see if that would help. I completely fell in love with all these products!

I have the foundation and make up. Also, I use the foaming face wash and face lotions. They are incredibly. One thing that I can not rave about enough is the the under eye cream.

They also have baby products, which excites me and I hope other mommies out there.

The colors of the make up are make of berries and natural colors...if you are looking for a extreme look, these aren't for you but if you are looking for being natural and everyone turns their head and wonders " wow, wonder what she uses" this is my make up line for you!!

Then you are picking make up this of this phase I say to myself and I have said earlier.

If you can eat it, why put it on your face?...

Since using these products my skin has been amazing and has felt amazing. i don't even have to wash my face twice a day if I am feeling lazy.

Next time you are in the market for make up, lotions, shampoos.. please check this out. They are a little pricey.. but they are worth the money by far.

Now, that I have got have tried and loved these products.. I have been on the kick to find everything as natural as possible so look for blogs on other brands I find and love!

Check. it. out :)

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