Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jeans? Leggings? no...JEGGINGS!

Favorite Things: Jeggings

Shop @ AE

Okay, so I have have a few pairs of these, of course I feel like I can only wear them on my " feeling uber skinny" days but they are soo fun! You can dress them up or dress them down.
of course you are thinking..duh. I just think they add something extra to your warebrobe. You dont feel like wearing heavy jeans in the summer but still want the look.. this is the way to go. I do love myself so skinny jeans but in 95 degree heat... who are you kidding.. so uncomfortable.

I just recently, got a black pair and absolutely love them! I never have own any black pair pants besides dress pants so I am branching out fashion wise lately, and it feels great!

I do have to say that because I have chicken leg legs, these make me feel more comfortable about that issue plus, the form fittingness is great, i you want to feel great about yourself. You will definitely turn heads in Jeggings.

I have bought both pairs at AE because they are in my price range currently. Also even though at the age of 26 I still get my jeans there because they just have aways fit me so good. Being 5'2 and skinny, chicken legs: it is not the easiest task to go to jean shopping, so once I found a band that works for me, it is hard to change it up. I have also seen them at Express and at check them out!!!

If you like leggings and skinny jeans... you will fall in love with jeggings!

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