Wednesday, August 11, 2010

recycled things can be beautiful too...


My Maggie bag!!!

I know you are wondering what I a Maggie Bag is... well let me tell you.. just ready for this...

it is a purse made from...recycled seat belts... yes, seat belts! Okay so You might not have the best image in your head right now, but it is great!

I got this one: In dark gray

It is stylist and eco-friendly.. what could be better?? One of the best things about this bag is that it is machine washable, yes lady.. you can put it in the washer and it will ruin it! I love that because you know if you use a bag enough it will get gross, but you don't have to worry about that anymore! It has a lifetime warranty as they say..its make from something that has a life time warranty and save your life so it makes sense for the bag to have one as well...

They made bigger or small totes, clutches, diaper bags, etc.. with simple colors, bright colors and even multi-colored! So there is something for everyone. You can feel good about this purchase on so many should totally check the website out... from fashionista to mommy to be... you will fall in love with these.

I just be prepared to get stopped all the time for questions about your bag... no one will ever guess that its seat belts.. and you will be that girl that has the thing that everyone wants. You can show people that being green doesn't have to be dull!

I think I found what I am going to get my sister and mom for Christmas.

Here's the website: give it a chance!!! ::Maggie Bags::

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