Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fun Deals Everyday..

What do I normally do when LJ is sleeping...well, I could be invent something..work out..study...nope none of those things...I look and find new blogs and deals and giveaways...yup.. it has become something I really enjoy...

One day I was googled and came across this website:
EcoMom.com Home

Now me being me.. I got quite excited by just the name...but as I looked more into this site.. i feel in love...it has everything..for moms-babies-kids...it has become one of my favorite sites to visit. Not only is there a blog that you can read and join. They have a store you can buy some of the coolest and cutest things I have sen and its all good for the environment :)

One of the best things they have though, that I can't wait to get in my email is their Daily Deals...They put together really awesome bundles that you can buy at a discount or other products...the prices are amazing!

I bought the "preschool bundle" it came with banana snacks ( LJ loves himself some banana) a set of eco friendly spoons ( pack of 6) and a book! Cutest.thing.ever! oh yeah and a little thing of hand sanitizer ( which if you know me.. I love). I got all that for $15!! They also shipped it so fast!

Since, I love them so much.. I needed to share this site with you. They are so awesome that I have a code you can use because I referred you you can get !5% off your first order!!

use this code: SB004992

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