Friday, June 18, 2010

The big 3-0

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is my sisters 30th birthday! Yes, her and her daugthers birthday are only 3 days apart. June babies!

Now, I will not be there to celebrate with her this weekend and I am sad about that, but we will live because we are all going on a cruise together in July to celebrate my parents 60th and her 30th. can.not.wait

Now, ever since I can remember I have been the one out of the two of us to freak out abou her milestone birthdays...don't ask me why..I freaked when she turned 18...then the 21st birthday came around and once again..a freak out and some jealous of course because she could legally drink then the half century one came 25 and I told her she was getting old and was sad that we were growing up.. that along freaked me out.. I didn't want her to get older, I wanted to say the same age and me get old to catch up to her...I know realistic right??? Now, she is turning 30 and here I am making a big deal about it...I can't believe she is 30..remember when we used to live in the same house and fight over who's TV was too loud and who got to use the bathroom first. Then as we got older when she would come home college is was fun, we hung out as friends and we actually got along ( shocking) we used to have on old computer a web cam and we could make of course that was too much fun so we made all kinds of movies and just watched ourselves me stupid. I remember she used to use it as an extra mirror to check out she that we are both moms and live so far way we talk everyday about the kids, life, just everything and anything. She used to annoy me when I was little and lock her out of mu room and scratch her ( she still has scars...ask her..she will show you!) to now when I cant wait to see her. She has to be one of the funniest and smartest people I know. If you want to know anything about any animal or plant in the ocean she is girl!!

I couldn't ask for a better sister. I love you!

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  1. Rebecca,

    Sorry I missed meeting you in person on the ship. Your parents are lovely and we had such a good time. Would love to hear your take on the experience. my email is capricornwriter(at)hotmail(dot)com