Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Fine Hair Basics

When sitting around waiting for our new patio furniture to be delivered between 1-4..I needed something to do and well since we have just been at the house all, nothing too blog worthy has come to mind, I thought I would tell you about a few of my favorite things ( beauty wise)..these are things I have learned that I can not live without so I wanted to share my knowledge with you!

Having fine hair for the most part isn't fun or easy to work with..but after you read this, I am sure you will change your mind...
My hair never had body or lift to it, it was a project just to get it to stay the way I wanted it; plus a whole lot of hairspray that left me feeling like I was wearing a helmet. You know this if you have fine hair, if you mess with it too much trying different things it just ends up oily and gross. So, after awhile, I was getting so frustrated with it that I just had it one style everyday, day in and day now...how boring! A year or so ago I decided to go to a different salon to get a fresh new lookout with my hair. Let me tell you best thing I did! I absolutely love her, not just because she makes me look amazing every time I go in and that she gives me discounts but because she knows her stuff and she knows exactly what was best for my hair. She introduced me to a product line that I fell in love with. So, say hello to....
I can not live without these product or at least my hair doesn't look or feel as good if I use something else.The first one is "Miso Knotty". It is a leave-in Detangler. I realized after using this just once that my hair look healthier and not so weighted down. Conditioning in the shower was completely weighing down my fine locks to the point that they look stringy by the end of the day.Gross. So after shampooing I don't put anything else in, I just finish up. After I towel take the towel off my head or towel dry it. I stray this in, you don't need a lot and comb through. It's that easy! My hair feels smooth and nice.

Now if I decide to dry my hair...depending on my little ones mood and what the plan id for that day, I don't do anything until I put this one my roots! This is magical, Shang High Root Booster, let me tell you. I thought my hair would never have life or body to it unless I teased it to death ( and that's not very nice). I Spray in into my hands and apply it my roots. Then when I blow dry my hair I flip my head upside down for most of it to make sure i get the roots blown out. Now, don:t be scared when you flip your head back up, your hair might look like you a 70's fo, but that's okay..you are just gibe the root booster a chance to do it job. Then finish my blowing the rest of the way it clams it down enough. It is great because when I pin it back and want to have the " bumpit" look this product does the trick without having to put some crazy thing in your hair!

The names of these product always make me laugh and put a smile on my face too. So my fine haired friends and those just looking for something new to try, I hope this helps you and its too long and boring!! Let me know if any of these products work for you or if you have any other suggestions..I would love to hear them!
more hair products coming soon: Sashini Thermal solution and Oso Shimmer

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