Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boppy 2011

As a new mommy one of the things that is a must have is a Boppy! They are amazing and are so helpful for so many different reason. Especially when you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding when they are newborns, it will help support them and make you feel more at ease. Of course one of the best things is that you can is pick out your favorite and stylish slipcovers for them. Even as your little one grows the Boppy can use for place for them to rest they head as you play with their feet and legs or for tummy time. When they need some support for sitting up or still a little wobbly with their sitting you can put the Boppy around them as an extra cushion when they start leaning.

Here is a few samples of some of the slipcovers you can pick from.

On the Boppy official website you can even build your own. You can pick from designer styles and textures and also from double styles or a solids colors.

You can also find great patterns at Babies’R’Us / Toys’R’Us or target. Check them out!!

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